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Dr. Piush Kumar


Youth is the major human resource of the nation which lays foundation for the future and utilizes its energy in an effective manner, whether it is in studies, sports, career-making, or any radical change. If energy is utilized in a positive manner, it is a boon for the development of a healthy society as well as a nation. Student life particularly in higher education is the golden period of life, which makes or destroys the future career in life. “Sharadhavaa Labhtay Gyanm” and “ Vidya Dadati Vinayam” are the cardinal points in our Indian tradition which every student has to follow to attain knowledge and character. Hard work, sincerity, integrity, attitude, and faithfulness are the essential qualities that you have to inculcate in yourself during college life. Avoid negativity and embrace positivity should be your slogan. You have got an excellent opportunity in the form of such a good college with good infrastructure, dedicated teachers in the rural area. You are capable of building a healthy society away from caste line, creed line, and petty groups with an aim towards “ Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam”.